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Petanque rules 2020

Pétanque Rules Update 01/01/21

December 2020

New rules have been issued for our sport coming into effect from 1st January 2021. These can be found at foot of our links page.

Among the changes is the jack now needs to finish at least 1.5m away from another circle or jack when it is thrown for it to be legal.  Also, there is no minimum distance the jack needs to be from any side lanes either.  This will bring a whole new tactical approach to some games!

Also updated is the Precision Shooting Competition or "Tir de Precision" as it's usually known.  This update clarifies the time taken and introduces a green card for any coach wanting video evidence (if available) and a red card presented to the player for any foot infringements.


Please familiarise yourself with these updated rules and for any questions, please get in touch 

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Publicity Write up 

December 2020

A great write up in the December 20 issue of "The Western Park Gazette" penned by our Treasurer, Allan Edwards

Click the link to read the full edition


We're really looking forward to opening in the new year and welcoming friends old and new to the venue.



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Being Leicester Pétanque Club

November 1st,  2020

This is the date we were finally given to keys to realise our vision of creating a Petanque venue for the local community and wider audience to enjoy without restrictions on playing availability or social barriers

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Must See: Incredible Leicester Pétanque Club Highlight

November 16th 2020

Coming soon - Secure 24 lane floodlit venue with multiple playing surfaces and own private facilities which include members bar, catering and seating for approx 60 members and guests. 

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December 2020

As we hope you are aware by now, we are are at our new amazing facility which is a former bowls green and Pavilion.  We have started a crowdfunding page to raise  at least £10,000 towards the cost of removing this green and creating a 1st class playing area for existing and new players alike.  Anything over this amount will be used to refurbish the pavilion and add subtle extras to the terrains.

The venue will be the largest in the East Midlands and allow players to play once again play safely while adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines 

What better way to fight back against something that has caused so much disruption, isolation and economic hardship in our lives by building a community hub with sport, fitness and social interaction at its heart. 

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Sports Stadium Seats

Competition Update: Leicester Fur & Feather Doubles Competition

December 2020

It is around this time of year players of all abilities get excited by the prospect of entering the annual charity mixed  "Fur 'n' Feather" event.  Raising money for good causes for over 15 years!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the event has had to be cancelled this year will be back and it will make up for lost time!

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